hype is here

It is all about hitting the target…

hype is here!! to help you target existing customers for retention and growth, target new customers to expand your market share and, ultimately, target your bottom line. From the tried and true traditional campaigns to cutting edge programs that integrate new technologies… we want to partner with your business for success.

We excel at understanding the unique needs of each of our clients. This enables us to put the right combination of tools together to hit your target markets. The combination of marketing, design, web and software development makes hype a strategic partner with the skills and experience to make things happen. Our flagship software product, hypelinx (private collaborative social network), is an example of blending a robust web community of your customers with a strategic marketing delivery platform.

The following is a list of the products and services we can provide on-time and on-budget. Let us help you pick the right mix for your business growth:

bullet Consulting – a la carte or retainer

bullet Branding/Branding Standards

bullet Campaigns/Campaign Tracking

bullet Design services – online or printed

bullet Collateral – Novelties

bullet Printing Solutions – Digital and Offset

bullet Copywriting

bullet Data handling, storage, research and mining

bullet Direct Mail – transactional or promotional (or both!)

bullet Research and Analysis

bullet Software and IT Integration – online or in house

bullet Social Networking (Private and Public)